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Combating Food Aggression.

Loki has come to me via the Auckland Council Henderson Animal Shelter, with the help of Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming NZ charity.

At only 12 weeks of age he has some issues around food aggression and resource guarding, to the point where he was likely to bite someone if they put their hand near his food bowl while he was eating.

This is a huge issue for his chances of being rehomed with a very good risk of any new owner getting bitten while feeding him, so he has come to me for an initial fostering period so we can get him relaxed around food and hands, and make him safe to rehome into a new forever home..... that's my goal.

Prior to this video I have spent about 3 weeks feeding him directly from my hand for his first meal of the day, and Im slowly now introducing the food bowl back into his feeding routine. Its important to take things very slowly and cautiously with these types of issues, even at this young age he can bite and do some damage! Please don't try this yourself at home, get a professional Dog Trainer in to first diagnose the issue, and come up with an appropriate training plan.

There are different techniques depending on the level of aggression, seeing Loki is just a pup, this is on the less extreme side, and there are different techniques for more serious aggression issues especially in adult dogs and dogs that have had this issue for a longer period of time.

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